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Work is kicking my butt too @Volk. And Josh whichever character(s) inspire you. All are welcome


2023-04-20, 02:31:26
Hmmm which characters to flesh out. that is the question. It's been soo long since I've written in longer formats  :'(

Angellis Ater

2023-04-19, 02:20:16
Ugh working.. it's kicking my tail all over RL..


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Please be advised the use of T2|T3|T4+ combat or any other 'game system' is not approved nor permitted on this forum. Metagaming and auto-hits are also not permitted on this forum. This is not for debate or negotiation. The only fighting styles accepted on this forum are as follows:

T1 is a multi-style way of combat that has been in RP since the days of Yahoo Roleplay when the Rooms were known as Entertainment and Arts shortly after the creation of the 'Games' (later changed to Arts and Entertainment, developed by a group of fellow role-players along with the members of Kelindil's site. It was not derived by just one person unlike what some out there claim who never stood foot in yahoo let alone Arts and Entertainment.

T1 Melee|T1 M

T1 Melee is another variation of standard T1. It is basically the same thing as T1 itself, however there is no magic, spells, psychic abilities, attributes, or even powers for that matter. It is to fight without magic, gnosis or mana of any type which can be very linear and God-like if abused.

T1 Realistic Melee|T1 RM

T1 Realistic Melee is yet again another spin-off of standard T1, but more so a spin-off of T1 Melee. T1 Realistic Melee is based on things that only real humans can do. You can still use weapons if you wish, but no unnatural or in-human abilities of any sort or the use of sentient/magical weapons.

T1 Innate (Racial & Item)|T1 I

T1 Innate (Racial & Item) is again a variation of T1, but more so a sub-style of T1 realistic melee just only with magical items or special abilities that your character might have due to race or other 'gifts' given at birth.

T1 H2H| H2H

T1 H2h is probably the simplest version of standard T1, think of it as T1 for slackies. All you're really allowed to do is punch, kick, grapple, throw, more or less all the standard things you'd expect to see in a real fight down the block a few streets. No weapons are allowed unless you find them on the ground or are part of the enviroment in which you might be fighting in, that is, if you use an enviroment at all. Also, no special powers or abilites are allowed.

T1 Moderate Powers|T1 MP

Commonly used now as a more realistic look towards T1 PC. The characters in this style have special powers, just not ones that have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Powers such as elemental abilities are acceptable, but if there is a power that is capable of using all elements you must keep that power in moderate use. Perfect example would be Bleach, and Naruto.


T1 PC is a spin-off of the original Type 1 text-based combat system; T1 PC allows you to do anything and everything you want, be it Close Quarters Combat (CQC) or hand to hand (H2H) combat, to weapons, magic, seemingly anything your mind can conjure up. That is of course, you strictly follow your characters abilities (which must be mentioned in your characters bio prior). "Godmoders". The depth put into one character, with the powers, abilities, explanations of terrain, dimension, sub-abilities, character background, and traits will lead an inexperienced opponent to believe there is invincibility about the character. It has no true limits or possibilities, which mean it can often be over whelming to those who aren't familiar, or all that great with the standard T1 style.

While T1 PC originally started as casting fire balls and summoning legions of the undead and other such feats, it has now moved on to things like theoretical and quantum physics. T1 PC can go from being an extremely good fight with very realistic, yet very advanced players, to being a fight between players who don't want to lose and turn into Gods for lack of better words. That is the major flaw with T1 PC, and why I personally don't like the style. Too many people are to hell bent on winning and power crazed characters (as commonly seen in IMVU) rather than using T1 PC in a fashionable, respectable sense while applying common sense. Thus, when it is mistreated, it is degraded and loses all it's interest, or so some of the more experienced role-players might tell you, "Get lost kiddo!".

If however, you are not a combat or T1 role-player, use your common sense and don't enter a thread or situation where you place your character at risk. This IS entering combat by your own consent and therefore liable for whatever outcome may follow.

Thank you...

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