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Work is kicking my butt too @Volk. And Josh whichever character(s) inspire you. All are welcome


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Hmmm which characters to flesh out. that is the question. It's been soo long since I've written in longer formats  :'(

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Ugh working.. it's kicking my tail all over RL..


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Author Topic: Uh'eshogg (Darklings)  (Read 590 times)


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Uh'eshogg (Darklings)
« on: January 27, 2016, 04:11:39 AM »
(People of the Dark Realm) AKA Darklings


According to their own myths, Uh'eshogg were formed out of the darkness by Yog-Yitsthoth. Their deity focused on a single point in the blackness between galaxies. From his focus and immense knowledge they sprang forth, the first eight of their kind.

For eons they were contented to bask in the blackness and meditate on the waves of knowledge given off by their creator. Eventually pieces of satellites, lost spacecraft, bits of celestial bodies and stray planetoids passed within their reach. Taking these castoffs and derelicts they cobbled together a leviathanic amalgam in the blackness of the between. There they studied and meditated, constructed and engineered their own civilization.

Around the planetoid structure grew a ringed flotilla and there the offspring of the Progenitors. Now and again over the millennia portions of the flotilla would break off and proceed to a new area of blackness to start anew. Now so far separated from the Progenitors, now the only ones inhabiting their homeworld ringed by the flotilla, veritably all of the Uh’eshogg see them as something just shy of a legend.

It was a high improbability that they would go undiscovered forever, yet it was a surprise when the first of them came into contact with Ph’n’ghftoth (natives from beyond the darkness). They had bits of their languages, faded transmissions from their worlds, yet when they attempted to communicate with them they immediately attacked the vessels that seemed to appear from nothing. It was strange at first and the Uh’eshogg were unprepared for such a reception. Thus their first ships were nearly completely destroyed. The one remaining limped back to their satellite flotilla spreading the word and for decades they avoided the Ph’n’ghftoth.

At their next meeting the Uh’enshogg were prepared and their would be attackers were to be the ones surprised. Weapons that had previously decimated the peaceful envoy now seemed to strike undetectable barriers a safe distance from the ship. Weapons fire filled the border between light and darkness until, sensing the futility, it finally stopped. They listened and left without further issue. Little known to the Uh’eshogg, they had obtained the name “Darklings” from the encounters and deep and lingering fear followed that second reception.

Since then they had often been used to scare children and became stories themselves until they were located on the outskirts of solar systems, tidal locked planets and other shaded celestial bodies. Then wars broke out wherever they were found. People fearing invasion and constantly being watched, they were half right, attacked the settlements pre-emptively. It only took two destroyed seeds to get the Uh’eshogg to put their vast stores of knowledge to the task of weaponry. It was rather distasteful for most of them but once prepared they successfully weathered the attacks where they couldn’t hide. Their weapons were particularly destructive toward most of the Ph’n’ghftoth and their constructs. The the reason became quite apparent once the information was gathered. The Darklings had somehow harnessed and mastered the manipulation of dark matter, as well as antimatter. Seeing this mastery and the potential for increasing their own military prowess many races have, begrudgingly, embraced the Darklings even to including them into their federations, empires, and coalitions using their long time mastered expertise in what they consider to be spycraft.


COMPLEXION: grey-blue hues, the blue can almost be washed out in brighter lights making them look ashen at times.
EYE COLORS: floral colors
HAIR COLOR: Grayscale, anywhere in the range from black to white
HEIGHT: 183 - 244cm (6 - 8ft)
WEIGHT: 83 - 114kg (180 - 250lbs)

BODY: tall and slender, no records of overweight Darklings. Despite the slender and often times delicate appearance are surprisingly strong. Blood appearance is black but has a golden iridescence. Ingestion of their blood has been known to induce an instantaneous madness that almost always results in death due to simultaneous hemorrhaging of every blood vessel in the the taster’s brain. Their body temperatures are that of the void if slightly warmer. To the touch it would feel like cool polished stone, but pliable. Unless exposed to bright white light their skin is veritably impenetrable.

Over the ages and chance viewings of other races it was discovered that physically, Darklings were compatible with most other races they’d come across. Hybrid offspring are few and far between as young are normally physically frail and occasionally a type of madness drives them toward self-destruction.

PERSONALITY: Varies, but tends to keep more toward peaceful. They’re slow to violence normally much preferring the accumulation of knowledge. Those that have dedicated themselves to a military lifestyle have shown themselves to be tactical savants and remarkably cool under pressure.

TRAITS: Having been born in the void they can go into a meditative state, entering a kind of self-induced stasis, and nearly indefinitely survive the harshness of space without aid of environmental suits.

They have been known to have powers of the mind manifesting themselves mostly in telekinetic and telepathic in nature. As progeny of Yog-Yitsthoth the Darklings are not susceptible to psionic or mental attacks. Their minds the safest place for information intended to be kept safe or secret.

High sensitivity to bright light. Will blind them and depending on the type of light will cause their skin to go from ashen colors to black to match the void cracking and crumbling to dust. When traveling into brightly lit systems one will find Darklings in environmental suits with shaded visors down to simple goggles to guard their eyes depending on the intensity of the light.

OTHER: Darklings determine age by a difference from the Progenitors. So the higher the number the younger the individual.


Yog-Yitsthoth - said to be coterminous with all time and space, yet to somehow reside at the center of all time around which the multiverse revolves. He is represented by a black, eight pointed snowflake emanating from a gold sphere each branch fading into and out of it’s own gold sphere.