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Work is kicking my butt too @Volk. And Josh whichever character(s) inspire you. All are welcome


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Hmmm which characters to flesh out. that is the question. It's been soo long since I've written in longer formats  :'(

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Ugh working.. it's kicking my tail all over RL..


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Author Topic: Zerothsumgar  (Read 769 times)


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« on: March 17, 2016, 10:47:53 PM »
[align=right]...don't look away, you might miss it.[/align]


Note: This is a work in progress. I am presently without a computer blessed by photoshop and am making do with a web based editor. Any questions or concerns in regards to my character may be directed to my PM box, where I will happily address any and all issues.

 "The finest game I ever played, was convincing you lot that I didn't exist."[/align]

Name: Zerothsumgar

Nickname: Zero

Title: The Pale King  

Alias: Asmodeus; Varsinax Darkfire; Rast Hurn
Note: Zerothsumgar is not Asmodeus, nor is he Varsinax, but he has assumed their likeness and masqueraded as them, when it suits him. For the purposes of canon, the actions of the aforementioned characters are their own actions. Whenever Zerothsumgar has assumed someone else's identity it is made known IC and OOC that the ruse is temporary and typically part of a greater gambit.

Age: Appears to be in his Late Twenties, but his true age is unknown.

Race: Archdevil

Height: 6'4 (variable). True Height Unknown.

Weight: 226lbs (variable). True Weight Unknown.

Appearance: As a devil, Zero is capable of altering his form at will. Thus, being able to assume a multitude of forms, there's no guarantee any form is his true appearance. He is known to favor appearing as a pale man, in his late twenties with dark hair and comely features. His true form remains a mystery, but it is often suggested he bears a striking resemblance to a particular Devil known to have plagued Ayenee and share visible traits with Asmodeus, as well. Throughout his appearance in history, Zerothsumgar has assumed many forms and inspired many artistic renditions of his appearance. At times he appears as a vile monstrous grotesquerie, other times as a fallen angel, and most often as a tall man with horns.

Personality:Zerothsumgar is oftentimes cruel, vicious and wonderfully merciless. Though, he claims to be above the petty indulgences of most devils, he revels in his own cleverness. Zero considers himself something of an aristocrat and regards those who commit needless acts of evil, and relish in the visceral shock of being disgusting in the eyes of mortals, as plebian. As a ruler and commander he adheres to a strict code of honor and law, overseeing his minions with a firm grasp. Playing within the confines of his own rules, Zerothsumgar thrives on challenging himself and would sooner die than resort to the antics of 'lesser beings.' Above all else, Zerothsumgar adores convincing others to do his work for him. Ever ready with a contract and a deal, he plies mortals with his honeyed tongue for sport and can sometimes be found making bargains at crossroads for sheer enjoyment of negotiation.

 Handsome, alluring, charismatic and pragmatic, Zerothsumgar appeals to mortals, playing on their own devilish and dark nature. Though always one to deliver on his promises, more often than not, his clients find firsthand that it's best to be careful what you wish for.


Powers, Abilities and Specializations: Zerothsumgar is among the most powerful of infernal beings. Like other Archdevils, he is impervious to mundane attacks and requires powerful magics to slay. A powerful aura of submission surrounds him, making most who approach him slaves to his will. As the master of his own plane, he has complete power over lesser beings. The most notable of his abilities are listed below.

Infernal Aura - Zerothsumgar projects a subtle aura that unnerves and yet attracts everyone (*those of weak will*) that come into contact with him. Creatures near him are more reckless and their inhibitions loosen making it more likely for them to give into their whims. Those subjected to the aura of sin also feel an inexplicable need to obey him.

Dark Avatar - Zerothsumgar is a being of nigh limitless power, his true form is locked in the nightmarish hellscape of his plane and the avatar he uses to interact with the mortal world contains the merest fragment of his power. His true self is impossible to harm as his soul resides in a different realm, so his avatar cannot be permanently slain. Should his avatar somehow be destroyed it will reform within his plane and begin its journey back to the mortal realm. As his body is but an avatar, he can reshape it with a thought, making gender and race  mere constructs of his will. However, as an extra planar entity it is possible to temporarily banish him back to the nine hells. His avatar does not need to eat, drink or sleep. Zerothsumgar is  immune to most forms of magic cast on him (However he is NOT immune to the physical effects of magic, fire, lightning etc can all still harm his avatar), except for banishment magic, he is immune to all diseases and poisons and does not age. While his body is indeed more durable then that of a human it can still feel pain, and considerable pain can and will slow him down. Physical limitations of his body not withstanding (he cannot for instance move his arm if all the muscles are severed) he will continue to function through most grievous injuries until the avatar is actually slain.

Fell Arcana - Within his realms, Zerothsumgar can work any magic he pleases. His power is without beginning or end and he can reform reality with the merest thought. No feat of power is impossible for the Pale King within his own domain. Within the material realm, however, he must work through his avatar, as the source of his true divine might resides in a different realm he must summon it forth. To traverse the barriers between worlds, his power must be channeled into magical spells that serve as contracts with the fabric of space and time to work his will within the world. Before he can master a spell, Zerothsumgar must see it and through the mathematical study of the spell's construct and formulae he can utilize it. Toying with the eldritch comes at a cost, meaning his footing in the material realm is tenuous--he requires an anchor to tie him to this world in order to manifest his might. Only by creating a contract with a mortal soul can he manifest magic that alters reality, without such a contract he is limited to creating magical effects that fall within the laws of nature. However, it should be noted that Zerothsumgar has very little trouble in finding willing souls bargain with.Note: This means that many of the powers he manifests in the real world are illusions. His greatest skill is his ability to know a persons darkest secrets and scry nearly any location within the world making knowledge and deception his primary tools to work with.

Infernal Origins - As a former Pit Fiend, Zerothsumgar possesses combat prowess and all the abilities associated with the Baatezu.

Rank: King of his own castle.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Residence: The Hellscape Plane (posited to be adjacent to one of the Nine Hells).


Affiliations: The Obsequious Zenith; The Nightreavers; Taer Ayen  (Essentially anyone that's not of the Darkfire clan.)  

Background There is varying lore on the entity known as Asmodeus, but it is generally accepted that he ascended to the position of Lord of the Nine Hells and was grievously wounded at some point, resulting in his drops of blood spawning demons and other devils. One of those drops is renowned throughout Ayenee, to this day. The self-styled Overlord of Ayenee was held in regard by some and disdain by others. What few learned, however, was the reality of the Darkfire Primarch's birth. Whilst a single drop of Asmodeus' blood fell, it split in two. Perhaps it was by the Lord's own hand, or mere happenstance of fate--but whatever the cause, two identical Baatezu rose that day.

 Zerothsumgar began his journey as a Pit Fiend beneath Asmodeus' command and, like his hated kin, rose through the ranks whilst participating in the Blood War between the creatures of the Abyss and the devils.

 There was a prophecy that said that the Blood War would end when the Crawling City, a city on the plane of Gehenna that is home to millions of Yugoloths, directly entered the Blood War and seeking favor and position, Zerothsumgar schemed to make this come about. Secretly desiring a position as a Lord himself, Zerothsumgar overplayed his hand ans was subsequently banished by Asmodeus to his own plane where he was forced to slumber for eons. The details of Zerothsumgar's fall are lost to history, but its believed Zerothsumgar's kin either had a hand in Asmodeus' decision or did nothing to prevent its coming.

 Regardless, an intense hatred was instilled in Zerothsumgar for both Asmodeus and his twin.

 After freeing from himself from his prison and gaining mastery over it, Zerothsumgar returned to the material plane to gain vengeance on his kin, who by that time had declared himself as Ayenee's Overlord. It is suggested that Zerothsumgar had a direct hand in his twin's downfall and his subsequent disappearance, but there is nothing to confirm this other than scholarly conjecture.

 To his credit, Zerothsumgar remains rather tight lipped on the specifics of his current circumstance, favoring the theatrical tales that mortals have spun.