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Work is kicking my butt too @Volk. And Josh whichever character(s) inspire you. All are welcome


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Hmmm which characters to flesh out. that is the question. It's been soo long since I've written in longer formats  :'(

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Ugh working.. it's kicking my tail all over RL..


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Author Topic: The Realm of Shadows Topography  (Read 888 times)


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The Realm of Shadows Topography
« on: March 13, 2023, 01:26:09 AM »
The Ayenee Realms of Shadow, Dread, Chaos & Darkness

The ShadowLands

The Shadowlands are a 'connecting' part of the Nether World/Underworld/Dark Umbra closest to what all within this realm refer to as the 'Fleshlands' or 'SkinLands' and surrounds the physical world of Ayenee along with its connected nations, Ayenee, Tenaria, Eden (previously), Rhydin, Zoir and Starthra.  Home-realm to the ShadowLords , Obsidian Lords, Knights of Hellisdalr and the Shadowguard.

Metaphysically only a slither of "skin" separates Ayenee from the shades-- taken from reality and described as a world of 'dusk', an eclipsed mirrored version of the human breathing world, each with a corresponding location directly connected that serves as a corridor/doorway/portal to and from, complying with conventional rules of distance.

Uniformly described as "night-kissed", "dark", "morbid", "gloomy", "nightmarish", "shattered", "fragmented" "cold", "artic"; colours muted, all unnatural light is diffused by sentient mists, natural luminosity is dimmed, the air is chill, and life is generally dark and desolate.

Architectures and structures are exaggerations and warped contortions of their "fleshland" counterparts, sometimes reflecting the memories however of the original appearance; what may be ruins in the world of Ayenee, are glorious, opulent and magnificent within the ShadowLands.  And yet the land itself is tormented, twisted, seared by destructive magical energies of shadowmancy, necromancy, blood magic, sacrifices and other baneful dark practices.

Peculiar, deformed creatures haunt and hunt this ominous, inhospitable wasteland of granite earth, storms of ash and obsidian-like black stone with a Stygian night-cloaked sky; grim and haunted. Climate is considered, polar/storm-barbed/wintry/inhospitable, but the unstable energies make predicting the harshness of its climate impossible. The reason for this unpredictable "weather" is rumoured to be caused by the presence of several rifts and a great portal/vortex/gateway that exist in the wastes that pours forth in the Shadowlands, raw chaotic, and voidic unstable energies.

The Sea of Shadows [The Tempest|The Black Sea of Hellishraun]

The Shadow Sea lapses against the Shadowlands and the Dark Kingdoms, dividing them from the deeper abysmal worlds. A storm called referred to as the Shadow Sea, The Sea of Souls, The Dread Ocean, The Tempest and many other names.

 Described as a perpetually swirling storm of darkness disgorged from the nucleus of the labyrinth.

The Shadowlands are above the volatile mass, therefore not effected by the endless maelstrom of gyrating dark energy whereas The Labyrinth and Oblivion are below it, some even consider it's within the turmoil of its centre.

 Not consist at all of water, nor is it a storm of mere wind, clouds, and precipitation, like the storms of the mortal world.  It is made of nightmares, acid, burning plasma, chaos, pure psychic energy, dark matter, raw emotion (typically suffering, anguish, hatred and torment), ectoplasmic residues, memories and primordial cosmos.

The Kingdoms of Darkness [The Dark Kingdoms|Isles of Darkness|Empires of Oblivion]


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